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Virtual Consultation

Virtual Consultations

We are excited to announce a new service at AVA Dental, Hadley Green.

Virtual Consultations or Teledentistry was originally designed for nervous patients but is equally suitable for some dental consultations and dental emergencies.

Our digital platforms include ZOOM which mean that our dentists can help patients remotely via Online Video Consultations.

A virtual online consultation is an ideal way to meet a dental professional to discuss your dental needs and is a great way of meeting a dental professional without feeling nervous during these times.


Online Dentist

Virtual consultations are a particularly good option for patients interested in facial aesthetics, teeth whitening and teeth straightening.

Our online cosmetic dentist can talk you through the options at an appointment time that suits you.

This might be especially convenient in the current climate where the Covid-19 pandemic has restricted social mobility. Patients that are shielding or self-isolating might also benefit from Virtual Consultations.

A full clinic assessment will be required to make a complete diagnosis prior to any future treatments.

The cost of the virtual online consultation is £30.00.

Call us on 0203 873 9963 to arrange.

If you have been referred by your dentist or doctor or you have referred yourself directly for a periodontal (gum disease) consultation, please contact the clinic by telephone or email informing us of this and you will be sent a different link to book.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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